Anand Goradia to play 'King Of Bundi' on Sony TV's "Maharana Pratap"

By FreakyFrolics Team | Monday, Oct 14, 2013


Contiloe Telefilms "Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap" is on a track where many new characters have been introduced in the show. The list has just begun and the recent development is that Anand Goradia has been roped in to play King Of Bundi Naresh Rao Surtan. His character will be grey shade where he will play an unfair King.

As per the current track, Maharana Pratap(Faisal Khan) has committed her mother Rani Jaywanta Bai(Rajshri Thakur) that he will not touch any weapons in his entire life. But he will soon hear about injustice treatment by King of Bundi and will decide to fight for the rights of common man. He is not aware that it is a planned step by Mughals to attack Mewar.


Salil Deshmukh who was portraying role of Akbar backed out due to illness and has been replaced by Arish Bhiwandiwala who was last seen in Agneepath. Another new entry will be of PannaDai which will be portrayed by Smita Dongre. Her character will be caretaker of King Uday Singh(Shakti Anand) in his childhood. A flashback scene will be shown where she protected Uday Singh from death and sacrificed her own son.

It will be interesting to watch upcoming track where Maharana Pratap's life will take a new turn.

Catch up for all the action on Sony TV's "Maharana Pratap" Mon - Thu 10:00 PM.