Bindass "Ye Hai Aashiqui" to witness love story same as Jiah Khan in upcoming episodes

By FreakyFrolics Team | Wednesday, Sep 25, 2013


As we all know about Bollywood actress Jiah Khan's suicide, Bindass is coming up with a same story in "Ye Hai Aashiqui" which will be indirectly based on real life of Jiah Khan.

The story will revolve around a film actress, who is very successful in her career falls in love with a director's son and gets extremely possessive abut him. The Boy, who is a newcomer in film industry signs a movie with her but after her career takes a U Turn and her movies go flop, he changes his decision and she gets replaced. But there is a twist in the tale as in Jiah Khan's suicide, she hanged herself while in this story the girl will jump from a building to end her life.


The characters roped in for this episode are Rithvik Dhanjani and Mihika Verma. Bobby Darling will also portray role of the girl's business manager and friend.


Jiah Khan went through the same trauma of failed love and career disappointment which led to her suicide. Suraj, Aditya Pancholi's son was in relationship with Jiah Khan and was blamed the core reason for her suicide

Ye Hai Aashiqui has been gaining constant appreciation from viewers for presenting extraordinary love stories on screen which are heart touching and soulful.

Gear up for a unique love story in Bindass "Ye Hai Aashiqui".