Divorce fight between Kumud and Pramad to reach a climax soon in Star Plus "Saraswatichandra"

By FreakyFrolics Team | Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013


Sphere Origins show "Saraswatichandra" is witnessing high end divorce drama these days as both Kumud(Jennifer Winget) and Pramad(Aanshul Trivedi) are playing games around divorce papers.

As per the current track, Saras(Gautam Rode) and Kumud have purchased a land together where they wish to build a school. This is making Pramad jealous and he makes a plan to ruin all of it. He will plan A Nautanki play right in front of the same land. This will prove to be a big challenge for Kumud and Saras as Pramad has warned them that he and the Nautanki crew will remain on that land for 6 Months.


Saras and Kumud will not lose heart and they will make an intelligent strategy to challenge Pramad by brining in their Devotional team in front of the Nautanki. A challenge will be thrown by Kumud that if her team manages to bring bigger crowd than his Nautanki group, he will have to sign on the divorce paper.

This challenge is to trap Pramad with his own tactics as Kumud will finally succeed in this challenge and make Pramad sign the divorce papers.

It will be exciting to watch this dramatic sequence in Star Plus "Saraswatichandra" Mon - Fri 7:30 PM.