Ganga’s character to mark exit from "Balika Vadhu" ?

Ganga’s character to mark exit from "Balika Vadhu" ?

Balika Vadhu

| Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013


Ganga(Sriti Jha) who has been a major part of Balika Vadhu from past few months has been successful in touching viewers hearts through her strong acting. Sriti Jha has been gaining constant appreciation for her character of Ganga who’s journey has been full of struggles and hardships in the show. According to the current track of the show where she has left house of Jagya(Shashank Vyas) and is living in hospital compound with her little son.


She has also given birth to Gehna’s Baby Girl and the whole family is thankful to her for this gesture. But now, if sources are to be believed, creatives are planning to pull off Ganga’s character in near future. The whole story may take a dramatic turn where Ganga will give custody of her son to Jagya before her death. This sudden decision will change the whole ongoing track where a romantic angle was suppose to happen between Jagya and Ganga. This would pave the way for Saanchi(Roop Durgapal) and Jagya’s marriage which may happen soon in near future.


There are lot of twists and turns to be witnessed in Colors show "Balika Vadhu".

We would hope to see more of Ganga in the show if the creatives change their decision.

Tune in for all the action on Colors Mon to Sat 8:00 PM.

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