Star Plus show "Veera" all set for a new twist, Ranvi to get Kidnapped

By FreakyFrolics Team | Tuesday, Sep 10, 2013


Beyond Dreams Production show "Ek Veer Ki Ardaas- Veera" is witnessing happy times currently as Ranvi(Bhavesh Balchandani) and Veera(Harshita Ojha) have won their annual competition in school. They are super excited and thankful to their Beeji Ratan(Sneha Wagh) as she supported them throughout to win this contest.

Ranvi has decided that she will never tell Veera that Nihaal Singh(Kapil Nirmal) killed his father. He has decided to forget all this and start a new life with Veera and Beeji with responsibilities on his shoulder. He hates Nihaal which led to his exit from their village.


In amidst all the drama, where Ranvi and his family will get into new trouble as now they are not safe after Nihal’s exit. In the upcoming track, Veera will forcibly ask Ranvi about Nihaal Singh as she was very attached to him and she wants to know where did he go? She is unaware about the truth and is anxious to know about Nihaal. Ranvi will get angry on her and will yell upon her beloved sister which he never did before. Veera will be socked to see this behaviour of Ranvi and will stop talking to him.


He will realize his mistake soon and will make all the efforts to make up with Veera. He will also take help from Moti Chaiji(Shagufta Ali). But the twist will come before Ranvi could talk to Veera as he will be kidnapped by a stranger.

Veera will be unaware about his brother’s kidnapping as she will think her brother is hiding from her because of the fight.

It will be interesting to watch as to who is the man behind Ranvi’s kidnapping and what is the motive behind this kidnap?

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